Microfinance organization “Atameken Zhetysu” was created by SEC “Zhetisu” together with the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Almaty region to expand access of the unemployed and self-employed population, subjects of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (including legal entities) to financial resources by simplifying and increasing access to microfinance at reduced remuneration rates.

The MFO will allow applicants to obtain micro-loans for up to 5 years on favorable terms, and for livestock projects – up to 7 years. The grace period of loan repayment is up to 12 months, the interest rate is 6% per annum.

Preferential loans at 6% per annum can be obtained by graduates of the Bastau Business project who have a certificate of completion of training.
A graduate of Bastau Business, in order to apply for a micro-loan, will need to provide an application of the prescribed form and a client questionnaire. Also, you will need a certificate of registration of a legal entity or individual entrepreneurship, an identity card of the applicant, a credit history, certificates of absence of debt in banks and tax authorities, documents for collateral.
MFO “Atameken Zhetysu” is located at the address: Taldykorgan, Astana Ave. 2 A, 1st floor.