In 2015, a project was launched to create a dairy farm (hereinafter-MTF) for 400 heads of cattle (cattle) together with IP “Karimov” in the village of Balpyk bi Koksu district of Almaty region.

The cost of the investment project is 1,756.7 million tenge, the investor’s funds amounted to more than 438.5 million tenge, budget funds 1,318.2 million tenge.

Dairy farm for 400 heads

Dairy farm for 400 heads


Currently, the SMR has been completed, the main facilities are in operation (a cowshed for 400 heads, an administrative building, a boiler room, manure pits), electricity and water supply are provided, the territory is fenced and landscaped.

The cowshed provides for the maintenance of a dairy herd, dry cows and cows of the maternity ward in four maternity boxes. The maintenance of dairy cows is provided for group, loose, boxed, and free.

The floors in the boxes for animal recreation are insulated, with a coating of double-layer mattresses with insulation. Manure and manure passages are provided between the rows of boxes in the cowshed.

Feeding of animals is organized according to technological groups, differentiated taking into account the stage of lactation, the value of daily milk yield, the physiological state of animals. Feeding of animals is provided from the feed table. The approach to the feed table is free. The type of feeding is hay–silage-concentrate. The concentrate part of the rations for cows is provided with special compound feeds that balance the diet in accordance with the needs of animals in nutrients and energy.



  • Milking of cows of the main herd is provided with the help of VMS V300 (V generation) milking robots of the Swedish company “De Laval” in the cowshed building. One milking robot is provided for each section of dairy cows.In addition to milking, the milking robots are equipped with the following functions:DeLaval DelPro – company management software;
    DeLaval InControl – integrated user interface;
    DeLaval PureFlow -udder preparation, separate milking cup;
    DeLaval InSight – software for the speed and smoothness of the milking process, etc.

Milked milk from milking robots is pumped through milk pipelines into a milk cooler tank with a capacity of 9700 liters, for cooling milk and its temporary storage. Then the cooled milk is pumped by a centrifugal pump into a milk tanker and sent for sale.

For the implementation of the project, a highly productive dairy Holstein breed of cattle was selected (the average daily milk yield is 25-30 liters of milk), which was purchased from MASTERRIND GmbH (Germany) and Hundland Trade Kft (Hungary) in the amount of 398 heads.

The weight of an adult cow reaches 700 kg, the weight of a bull – up to 900 kg.

Average cattle yield:

according to I lactation more than 6 000 kg;
for II lactation more than 7,000 kg;
according to the III lactation, more than 8,000 kg (maximum lactation).
The fat content of milk is about 3.5%.

The Holstein breed of cattle shows excellent results not only in dairy productivity, but also in meat yield (50-55% of the total weight).

To date, the average annual milk yield of 1 cattle (first lactation) is 6,000 kg / year.

For artificial insemination of cattle on MTF, Canadian sexed seed is used (the seed of breeding bulls divided by gender).

Also, at the request of IP Karimov, agricultural machinery and equipment were purchased: a self-propelled mower, Kamaz vehicles, a Nefaz trailer, a baler, a front loader, machines for applying liquid organic fertilizers, a roll shredder, a feed granulator, an extruder, feed dispensers.

Currently, at MTF, the average daily milk yield from one head of cattle is 30-35 liters per day, with an average fat content of 3.5%. The products are delivered to the dairy processing enterprise of the region “JLC Day” LLP at an average cost of 180 tenge per 1 liter.

To date, 105 jobs have been created, with an increase to 200 places.

There are more than 600 heads of cattle, it is planned to sell beef meat and breeding heifers. At the stage of completion of work on the construction of the 2nd stage facility: a cowshed for 200 heads, a feed mill and silo trenches.

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