Address of Akim of Almaty region Kanat Bozumbayev to the residents of the region

17 Jan 2022

Dear residents of zhetysus!

The first days of January were not easy for us, we went through a very difficult period. I want to thank everyone for their prudence, solidarity and patience shown in the hour of trials.

Unfortunately, the riots led to tragic consequences.

I express my sincere condolences to the relatives and friends of all the victims. We will not leave any affected family without support.

As a one-time financial assistance, we will allocate 5 million tenge to the families of police officers and military personnel who died in the line of duty. We will solve the problem of providing housing, providing tuition fees for their children and other issues.

One million tenge will be provided to those who have received moderate and severe injuries.

I express my gratitude to the population and residents who organized people’s squads and gave a worthy rebuff to looters and violators of public order.

At this stage, the situation in the region is stable. All institutions have switched to normal operation. There are sufficient stocks of food and fuel and lubricants. There are retail outlets and markets, banks and public service centers.

According to preliminary estimates, the damage caused as a result of the riots to state institutions and the business sector amounted to about 16 billion tenge. We have taken all measures to ensure that all damaged objects are restored as soon as possible.

Dear residents of the region!

President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, speaking at a meeting of the Majilis, stressed that in the face of a common danger, the people of the country showed unshakable unity.

Having focused special attention on the problem of economic inequality among the regions, the Head of State instructed the Government to set a course for the formation of a new socially oriented economic policy.

He paid special attention to the problem of inequality and property stratification.

There are similar problems in our area.

Among them:

– provision of affordable housing and allocation of land plots;

– infrastructural development of suburban areas and changing their status;

– lack of irrigated and pasture lands;

– low wages;

– rising unemployment;

– shortage of high-quality drinking water and electricity, road repairs;

– provision of natural gas and affordable cost of connection to it;

– elimination of three-shift and emergency schools, improving the quality of the Internet;

– lack of cultural and sports facilities in the villages.

This is only part of the urgent problems that need to be solved today.

Everyone knows that there is a gap in the economic development of districts and cities in the region. Especially between the districts of Almaty and Taldykorgan regions. This is also noticeable in the standard of living of the population. A simple example is the difference in the economic situation of the Ili and Aksu districts, which is visible to the naked eye.

We must change this situation by avoiding disproportion. To do this, a single economic program is being worked out, covering all regions of the region.

The main goal is to create industrial zones in lagging areas and attract investment in them. The opening of permanent jobs through the construction of new enterprises, the expansion of the sphere of small and medium-sized businesses.

In the complex, this will increase the incomes of the population and, accordingly, contributes to an increase in the standard of living.

We must not forget that 80% of the region’s population lives in rural areas. We must provide them with a permanent job and a salary.

One of the main requirements of the Head of State is the openness of the budget, fairness and accessibility. Based on this, the work of the customs posts “Khorgos” and “Nur Zholy” will be regulated to increase the revenue side of the budget. Now an interdepartmental commission from the capital is working there.

We must not forget that almost 57 thousand residents of the region are in the queue for housing from the state fund. Most of them are representatives of low-income segments of the population.

It is necessary to increase the volume of housing construction every year. This should become a priority area of work of local executive bodies.

For the successful implementation of all the announced tasks, it is important for us to preserve peace and harmony. Without this, it is impossible to attract investors to the region. No entrepreneur will invest in a place where the socio-political situation is unstable. Therefore, every resident of the region should be interested in maintaining social stability.

There are also problems in the interaction of akims of districts and cities with the population.

The involvement of young people in mass riots clearly showed the inappropriate attitude to the work of a number of akims of rural districts, districts and cities.

Those who destroyed cities, robbed shops did not come out of nowhere. These were our young people, mostly between the ages of 20 and 30, who were born and live in our villages.

When I met with peaceful protesters on the square in Taldykorgan on January 4, I realized and understood many important things. Since then, I have been thinking what we did wrong, where we made mistakes in the education of our youth.

Where has it been seen that young boys and girls raise their hands to those who are old enough to be their fathers, or even grandfathers, throw stones, break and destroy everything around. After all, our society has always been dominated by the cult of respect for elders, to whose words young people listened almost implicitly.

I think there are several reasons for this behavior.

Firstly, in my opinion, many families do not engage in spiritual and moral education. It is important to explain the meaning of basic ethical norms and concepts from childhood, to teach to distinguish between good and evil.

Secondly, our school education system is also lame, where not enough attention is paid to the patriotic upbringing of children.

As they say: “The love of the Motherland begins with the love of the native land.” And this is caring for fellow citizens, caring for nature, the environment, respect for work, other people’s and state property.

It is important to understand that state property is the property of the people, ours and yours, which consists of the country’s income. And everything that has been destroyed is being restored at the expense of budgetary funds.

At the expense of these funds, which have to be used to compensate for damage, it was possible to build dozens of new schools or the same number of cultural and sports facilities, repair hundreds of kilometers of roads.

Thirdly, local authorities and the public need to analyze the shortcomings in their work and draw appropriate conclusions.

The President instructed not to allow violation of the rights of detained citizens. Naturally, those who have violated the law will be found by law enforcement agencies. But it is important for us to carry out explanatory work with young people who participated in peaceful rallies, constructively expressing their opinions in a dialogue. Our elders, respected public figures and, of course, youth leaders should take a direct part in this.

At the same time, local akimats should find out what the situation of the families of the protesting youth is, whether these young people have an education, a profession, a permanent job.

These issues need to be addressed very seriously and support young people. Later, in this direction, I will take concrete personnel decisions both by districts and cities, where the greatest number of social problems and where young guys came to the city from.

We need akims who are accessible, open to dialogue with citizens and ready to work together with them. This is the essence of the concept of the President of the country “The Hearing state”.

In this regard, I consider it necessary at the first stage to completely revise the composition of Public Councils at all levels: district, city, and regional. They should include citizens respected by the majority, public figures who have earned the right to speak on behalf of the population by their work.

In our fertile land of Zhetysu there are all opportunities for growth and development. Demographic growth is observed every year. At the same time, we must take all measures to ensure a sustainable economic recovery.

Folk wisdom says: “Otkenge salauat, ertenge amanat”.

Now it is especially important that we all understand this, being aware of the responsibility for tomorrow in the family, in the workplace, and in society.

Dear fellow countrymen!

Addressing you today, I ask you to remain calm and stable in society, not to succumb to the provocations of various irresponsible persons, including those broadcasting from abroad.

I believe that our youth will support us, direct their energy towards peaceful creation.

Let’s contribute to the prosperity of our country together. Remember, our strength lies in unity and stability, dear residents of zhetysus!

Thank you for your attention!

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