5.8 billion tenge was allocated in the field of Housing and Communal Services for the stabilization of prices

24 Apr 2024

SEC “Zhetisu” as a specialized organization implements 2 mechanisms for price stabilization: the formation of a food stabilization fund and concessional lending to business entities under the “revolving scheme”.

In 2023-2024, the SEC allocated 5 billion rubles for the implementation of these price stabilization mechanisms. 890 million tenge.

Contracts were signed for the supply of 21 thousand tons of goods in the amount of 6 billion 523 million tenge. A commodity intervention in the amount of 7,904 tons of NWT was carried out.
There are contracts for 18 items of NWF in the amount of more than 13 thousand tons in the amount of 6 billion tenge, and loans have been issued to 4 trading entities in the amount of 65 million tenge.

The stable fund has reserves for 8 items of NWT in the amount of 1 billion 575 million tenge.
As part of the “turnaround scheme”, there are contracts worth 4 billion 396 million tenge with 17 commodity producers.

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