A logistics hub will be created in Almaty region with the opening of 1,500 new jobs

16 Feb 2022

An automated logistics hub of class A+ with a total area of 200 thousand square meters will be built in Almaty region, which will become one of the largest existing in Kazakhstan. Thanks to its introduction into the economy of the region, 200 million US dollars of investments will be attracted, about 1,500 jobs will be created. The corresponding memorandum was signed today by Akim of the region Kanat Bozumbayev and Chairman of the Board of Directors of AIRBA FF LLP, founder of Technodom Eduard Kim.

Welcoming the participants of the meeting, Akim of the region Kanat Bozumbayev stressed the importance of implementing a major investment project that not only contributes to the development of the logistics potential of the region, but in general will have a multiplicative effect.

This is a very interesting and important project for the Almaty region, which was not previously in the region. I would say in the spirit of the XXI century, given the modern digital technologies used. Firstly, the logistics hub will create a new window for the sale of agricultural products of our farmers, which is very significant, since about 28-30% of the country’s agricultural production volume falls on the Almaty region. Secondly, it will provide them with financial leverage, which means it will open up new opportunities to support SMEs. Also, the investor company will create a training center for IT specialists on the basis of one of the colleges in Taldykorgan, and this is a big step to improve digital skills and develop dual training. Of course, tax revenues are also important for the region’s economy. But, first of all, we are concerned about the interests of our residents, because only in the Ili district, where the project will be implemented, more than 300 thousand people live, and in the entire region more than 2 million 200 thousand. I think that the logistics complex will make an important contribution to the development of the Almaty agglomeration as a whole, because these are new jobs, technologies and financial support tools. For our part, we will provide the necessary assistance at all stages of the project implementation,” K. Bozumbayev stressed.

In turn, Eduard Kim thanked the leadership of the region for their trust and dwelt on the specifics of the project.

We are grateful for the choice of our company. In the modern world, the most important task is to improve the quality of life, especially for young people. The average age of our company’s employees is 28 years. We create conditions so that young people can study, get a specialty, develop their careers and have a decent salary. The logistics hub construction project is also aimed at this. We will pay special attention to the development of the region’s infrastructure and will help to digitize various spheres,” E. Kim said.

The signing of the memorandum consolidated the announced plans and prospects that the new project opens.

According to the agreements reached, the investment project will be implemented in stages over 5 years. As already noted, the logistics complex will be located in the Ili district. In addition to its main function, the entry of the object will open access to the online showcase “Airba Marketplace” to place products and attract customers. Also, using the capabilities of the Airba Fintech online platform, agricultural producers will be able to receive preferential financing and replenishment of working capital, conclude deals on the sale of their products to large retail chains without intermediaries, and opportunities for young professionals to obtain affordable mortgages for the purchase or improvement of housing will open up.  At the same time, all services will be provided online, without visiting financial institutions and providing information on paper.

It is worth noting that AIRBA FF LLP is a company that combines both digital technologies and the real sector in the form of warehouse infrastructure, courier delivery and pickup points. It is the first logistics operator in the country that operates warehouses, trunk logistics and delivery services to customers and partners.

Press service of the Akim of Almaty region

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