Social and Entrepreneurial Corporation “Zhetysu” Joint Stock Company “Institute of Regional Development” (hereinafter – the Company) announces the holding of tenders for the sale of the Company’s share in the authorized capitals of limited liability partnerships:

  1. LLP “Service and procurement center “Syrymbet”;
  2. LLP “Service and procurement center “Karatal Agro”;
  3. Service and procurement Center “Baiserke-Agro” LLP;
  4. Service and procurement Center “Akozek” LLP;
  5. Service and procurement Center “Khan Taniri” LLP;
  6. Zhana-zhol Service and Procurement Center LLP;
  7. Service and procurement Center “Bayynkol” LLP;
  8. LLP “Ush Kakpak” Service and procurement center”;
  9. Zhetisu-Ulus LLP.KZ»;
  10. “Malaysary Altyn” LLP;
  11. Adyr LLP;
  12. MJM-Gold LLP;
  13. Zhartasty LLP;
  14. Altyn Ketmen LLP;
  15. Golden Step LLP;
  16. Zhetisu Minerals LLP;
  17. Yntaly HPP LLP.

The bidding form is an electronic auction. The auction will take place on October 12, 2022 at 10.00 am on the web portal Register of State Property. To participate in the auction, you must submit an application for participation in the auction on the web portal of the Register of State Property and pay a guarantee fee.

Details for the transfer of the guarantee fee
Payment recipient (Russian): JSC “Information and Accounting Center”; BIN:050540004455.
Settlement account (IBAN/IIC) in Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC: KZ946017111000000330; BIC: HSBKKZKX; KNP: 171; Kbe: 16.