Loan amount: from 5 million tenge and above.
Interest rate: 0.01% per annum!

Participants: producers and trade facilities of the Zhetysu region, producing and selling socially significant food products

Basic conditions:


The loan is allocated on the terms of urgency, repayment, security, payment with the targeted use of funds for the purchase of SSFP;


The implementation of SSFP by business entities, for the duration of loan agreements, shall be carried out at prices not higher than the fixed prices for SSFP based on the decision of the Stabilization Fund Management Commission;

Filing an application

An application for a loan by a business entity is submitted to RIR SEC Zhetysu JSC and is determined by the Stabilization Fund Management Commission in accordance with the requirements (criteria) for business entities;

Term,% rate

Loan term for 12 months from the date of conclusion of the agreement, with an interest rate of 0.01% per annum, with a period of payment for the principal debt and / or remuneration at the end of the term of the agreement in a single payment, security for the fulfillment of obligations is provided in the form of a bank guarantee;


The loan is not provided to refinance overdue debt.

Phone for information: 8 (7282) 32 94 97, 8 (7282) 32 97 20