Increasing the yield rate is the main goal of any agricultural industry. This can be achieved by using high-quality seed material. To this end, since 2015, SEC “Zhetisu” has established relations with producers of sugar beet seeds, and for 6 years now it has been an exclusive distributor of several leading European producers, incl. Florimont Despres (France), Strube (Germany), Maribo (Denmark) and KBC (Germany).

All purchased seeds are entered in the register of breeding achievements, zoned and adapted to local agro-climatic conditions. Before sowing, the seeds undergo a control analysis to determine the sowing qualities.

The average yield of sugar beet increased from 240 c / ha (2014) to 400 c / ha (2020). And in some farms, yield indicators reach more than 700 c / ha. Thanks to government support, the cultivated area of ​​sugar beet has increased from 4,020 hectares in 2015 to 16,300 hectares in 2021.

Conditions for obtaining


Filing an application

Agricultural producers submit applications for sugar beet seeds to the agricultural departments of districts and / or cities where they must indicate hybrids, their quantity and dressing


Sending applications to the SPK

Akimats of districts and cities provide a consolidated application signed by the akim and attach all collected applications from agricultural producers


Government purchases

Public procurement procedure is underway


Schedule approval

The schedule for the distribution of sugar beet seeds is approved


Upon receipt, you need to have with you

  • identity card for the head of the LLP / KH;
  • certificate of state registration of LLP / KH;
  • power of attorney for the head of the LLP / KH for obtaining sugar beet seeds (to be filled in upon receipt of seeds);
  • bank statement on the presence of a current account;
  • resolution / decision of the district akimat on the allocation of a land plot
  • state act of the land plot.