JSC RIR SEC «Zhetisu», in order to stabilize prices for refined sunflower oil, accepts commercial offers from commodity producers, wholesale suppliers of NWPT (distributors) for the supply of sunflower oil in the amount of 530.0 thousand liters, at a price of no more than 470 tenge per liter, including VAT, storage costs (if necessary), packaging, loading/unloading, packaging, without delivery.

Applications are accepted:

The commercial offer is provided in hard copy to the office of the Company at the address: Taldykorgan, 113 Abylaikhan str., or in electronic form by e-mail 7su@spk-jetisu.kz .

Phone number for inquiries: 8 (7282) 32 94 97, 8 (7282) 32 97 20.

Commercial offers are accepted until January 29, 2024, inclusive.