Kanat Bozumbayev: “We need to learn how to apply agricultural technologies correctly”

24 Feb 2022

Agriculture will be developed in the Almaty region with an emphasis on agricultural technologies. In particular, when growing sugar beet, bets will be placed not on increasing the area of priority crops for the region, but on increasing its yield. This was announced today by Akim of the region Kanat Bozumbayev during a briefing.

With a question about further plans for the development of the sugar industry, the akim was approached by his own correspondent of the Kazakhstan TV channel.

– We have analyzed the situation, in fact last year we received only 180 thousand tons of harvest. And the processing capacity of two sugar factories is 800 thousand tons. Accordingly, the cost of processing is high and does not justify itself. Therefore, the plants will process both sugar beet and sugar cane. After all, there is no benefit in covering up to 70% of expenses at the expense of the budget. We need to build the work in such a way as to justify the costs. Firstly, due to the repair of canals, increasing the area of irrigated land, it will be possible to increase the area of sugar beet by 10 – 15 hectares. If there is no water, then what is the point of cultivating sugar beet, getting less than 100 quintals per hectare. Secondly, it is important to increase yields, but not by increasing the area, but by agrotechnologies, or rather their correct application. Watering is carried out at the wrong time, fertilizers are introduced at the wrong time. There are a lot of small farms, not all of which comply with the necessary requirements. Also, the quality of seeds needs to be improved. Experience has shown that American seeds are drought-resistant, frost-resistant and highly productive, now our farmers are beginning to use them more actively. And, thirdly, it is necessary to attract investments for the development of plants, – K. Bozumbayev said.

At the same time, answering the question of a journalist of the news agency “NewTimes.kz Kanat Bozumbayev clarified that the industry will continue to receive state support for the time being.

– We will continue to subsidize the sugar industry by improving agricultural technologies and modernizing factories. This sphere provides the population with jobs, and this is important for the economy of the districts and the region as a whole,” K. Bozumbayev summed up.

Recall that in terms of the level of gross agricultural output, the Almaty region occupies a leading position or 14% of the national volume.

Press service of Akim of Almaty region

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