In the Almaty region for 8 months, the short-term economic indicator was 110.4%. The region’s economy attracted 370 billion tenge of investments with an increase of 2.3%, including in the processing sector – 40.5 billion tenge or 124.5%. This was announced today by the regional akim Amandyk Batalov during the regular VIII session of the regional maslikhat, at which he made a report to the deputies.

According to A. Batalov, the growth in industry was 13.8%, in agriculture – 1.1%, in trade – 20.5%, and in construction – 16.6%.

– Work to attract investment in the manufacturing industry, which is the locomotive of the regional economy, is yielding results. So, following the results of 8 months in this industry, the growth amounted to 14.8%. Including food production increased by 13.5%, beverages – by 11.8%, light industry – by 8.5%, metal products – by 5.2 times, electrical equipment – by 1.6 times, – said the akim. area.

He also focused on completed and planned projects. By the end of the year, it is planned to launch an enterprise for the production and deep freezing of fruits and vegetables “Frosco” with a capacity of 7.2 thousand tons in the Yenbekshikazakh region, factories for the production of building materials “Alyugal” with a capacity of 6 thousand tons per year and reinforced concrete products “Asia Temir LTD” with a capacity 10 thousand tons in the Ili region, as well as 4 renewable energy facilities with a total capacity of 130.75 MW.

According to the speaker, an important part of the development of agriculture is work on the restoration of irrigated lands. “This direction is still lame, the responsible persons need to be more active,” he said. In general, it is planned to restore 137.8 thousand hectares in the region and involve new 83.3 thousand hectares. This year, to restore 14 thousand hectares, overhaul of 21 irrigation facilities is underway for 6.3 billion tenge. At the expense of the Islamic Development Bank, the reconstruction of irrigation networks in the Yeskeldinsky and Aksu districts continues.

Sharing plans for the further development of the agro-industrial complex, Amandyk Batalov noted that the sown area of ​​sugar beet will be increased, and with the support of the Government, the railway will run directly to the Aksu sugar plant. By the way, 50 billion tenge has been allocated to support agriculture this year, of which 43 billion tenge are subsidies.

At the same time, it is necessary to become more active in the issue of industrial milk production, the volume of which does not exceed 30%. At this stage, the volume of meat and milk production in the region increased by 4%. There are 83 MTFs for 25.9 thousand heads and 111 feedlots for 72.5 thousand heads, due to which the workload of dairies increased from 80% to 85%, meat processing enterprises – from 66% to 72%. In general, the export of processed products of the agro-industrial complex grew by 22.3% compared to the same period last year, amounting to $ 78 million, or 70% of the total export of the agro-industrial complex. By the end of the year, the volume of gross agricultural output will exceed one trillion for the first time. tenge.

Particular attention is paid to the containment of prices for socially significant food products. For the formation of the stabilization fund and concessional lending this year, an additional 1.7 billion tenge was allocated from the local budget, the total amount is 3.7 billion tenge. Of these, 700 million tenge was allocated for the purchase of 8.7 thousand tons of products, 1 billion tenge – for concessional lending to business entities at 0.01% per annum. Another 1 billion tenge will be directed as a loan to agricultural producers for storing the necessary stock of vegetables. It is planned to form a stabilization fund for 9 positions.

Amandyk Batalov elaborated on the achievements and plans in the field of sports, tourism, spoke about measures to support small and medium-sized businesses, improving the quality of roads, building housing, gasification, and providing high-quality water supply.

He also spoke about the implementation of the project “Auyl – el besigі” in the region, within the framework of which work is being carried out in 48 rural settlements to improve the engineering and social infrastructure for a total of 18.4 billion tenge. To date, 9 facilities have been commissioned, and 40 more projects are planned to be completed by the end of the year. At the same time, the regional akim instructed the responsible persons to strengthen control over the implementation and progress of construction of objects according to “Auyl – El besigі” and other state programs.

Considerable attention was paid to the development of the social sphere, including education and health care. I must say that 48 thousand jobs have been created in the region over 8 months, of which 25.9 thousand are permanent.

At the end of his speech, Amandyk Batalov noted:

– Indicators of socio-economic development of the region are high. Of course, nothing comes easy, this is preceded by a lot of painstaking work. The year must be completed with no less good results in order to qualitatively fulfill the tasks set before us. The government provides us with all the necessary support. There is a clear plan for further work, the prospects have been determined. I am sure that you, the deputies, will also help. After all, we have a common task aimed at successful social and economic development.