Another priority for the development of the economy of the Almaty region is the production of poultry meat, which occupies 32% of the volume of the republic’s market, which is 108.3 thousand tons. The region fully covers the needs of the population of the region and the city of Almaty. In order to completely replace the import of poultry meat, the task is to increase output by 2 times. For this purpose, it is planned to build two and expand one poultry farm with a total capacity of 76 thousand tons per year with an investment volume of 85 billion tenge, more than 1100 jobs will be created. This was announced today during a press conference by Akim of the region Kanat Bozumbayev.

Considering that the Almaty region has historically been an agrarian region, it occupies a leading position in terms of gross agricultural output, or 14% of the national volume. The region also occupies a leading position in the republican commodity production of sugar, grape wines, poultry meat, vegetables.

In addition, the analysis showed the benefits of developing a greenhouse business in the region, since the yield in them is 7 times higher compared to growing in the open ground, which allows the population to provide vegetables in the off-season and affects the stabilization of prices. Today there are 102 greenhouses in the region on 105.5 hectares, which produce 36 thousand tons of early vegetables. By 2026, it is planned to introduce 10 large greenhouses on 45 hectares, their total production capacity will be 25 thousand tons, which will increase the gross output of vegetables by 2 times, create more than 500 jobs, ensure the transition to year-round vegetable production. To do this, measures will be taken on preferential lending, subsidizing gas up to 50% of the cost, attracting wholesale distribution centers and expanding forward purchases for vegetables.

Press service of Akim of Almaty region