The KazSilicon metallurgical plant, which has been idle for more than 6 years, has been launched in the Almaty region. 3.9 billion tenge was attracted, 207 jobs were created. The necessary specialists will be trained here: on the basis of the Bastobinsky College in the Karatal district, 48 people are already being trained as electricians and electric and gas welders. Also, within the framework of dual training, there is an opportunity for retraining and training for mechanical technicians and bridge crane operators directly at the plant.

Akim of the region Kanat Bozumbayev congratulated the residents of the district on the restoration of the city-forming enterprise.

– Thanks to investors, the metallurgical plant has gained a second life. The modernization carried out in a short time makes it possible to produce 6 thousand tons of silicon and 40 thousand tons of quartz per year. Most importantly, over 200 jobs have been created. At the same time, for our part, we will provide support for the training of specialists for the combine in the required specialties. In general, this year it is planned to implement over 100 projects in the region with a total investment of about 250 billion tenge and the creation of over 4 thousand jobs. All these measures are aimed at fulfilling the President’s instructions to increase incomes and the quality of life of the population. I think the KazSilicon Metallurgical Plant will make a significant contribution to achieving the tasks set, paying due attention to the social component,” K. Bozumbayev said.

As the General director of MK KazSilicon LLP Marat Sarsenov noted, the company’s products will meet international quality standards. Among the priorities are the introduction of innovative technologies, social support for employees, environmental friendliness of production.

According to the head of the loading and unloading section of the enterprise, Daniyar Nurakhynov, the launch of the plant was a long-awaited event for everyone:

– I started working at this company back in 2006. And I am glad that the plant has started its work again, updated and meeting modern requirements. This gave people confidence in the future and allowed them to do what they loved.

Pressing the symbolic button marked the beginning of the company’s work and the start of the furnace. Everyone from the observation deck could get acquainted with the progress of the production process.

By the way, the KazSilicon metallurgical plant was first launched in 2006, and in 2015 it suspended its activities. Having carried out the relevant work, Akim of the region Kanat Bozumbayev attracted new investors, with whom he held meetings since February of this year. As a result, modernization was carried out at the enterprise in a short time, during which construction and repair works were carried out, equipment and furnaces were reloaded, the necessary raw materials were purchased. It is expected that 6 thousand tons of silicon and 40 thousand tons of quartz will be produced per year. MK KazSilicon LLP will be provided with its own raw materials in the form of linear quartz from the Sarykol deposit near the village of Zhylybulak in the Karatal district. Since silicon is in great demand, it is expected that the products will be exported to more than 20 countries around the world. The share of Kazakhstani content in the GO products will be 80%.

Recall that in the long-term development plan of the Almaty region, along with traditional industries, emphasis is placed on the extraction and processing of mineral raw materials, which will attract additional investments to the economy of the region.

Press service of Akim of Almaty region