Almaty region takes the first place
in the gross volume of agricultural products in Kazakhstan by the end of 2020
SEC became a project administrator at Gate City
A memorandum on the construction of residential complexes on the territory of the satellite city was signed
SEC – partner of the project for the construction of the Zheruyk Energo wind farm
The total investment of the project is expected to amount to 14.5 billion tenge, it is planned to create 15 jobs
53 SPC transferred over 1200 modern agricultural machinery
Of these, in the current year, a potato and grain SPC was created in the Eskeldinsky district of the Almaty region, for which 13 units of agricultural machinery were purchased and transferred to financial leasing

SEC «Zhetisu» — Regional Development Institute of Almaty region

SEC provides agricultural producers with modern machinery and seeds, invests in innovative and processing enterprises, contributes to the stabilization of food prices and implements social projects.

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